Dog's Nite Out carries the best pet supplies for your dog. Introducing TechKewl Phase Changing Dog Cooling Vest. This dog cooling vest helps keep your dog cool and helps prevent dog overheating and dog heat exhaustion No longer will you ever have a overheating working dog. Help your dog stay cool with TechKewl with COOL PAX! Great for working dogs and hot dry climates. keep dog cool, too hot for dog, keep your dog cool
TechKewl Phase Changing Dog Cooling Vest 

SM / MD  includes 1 COOL PAX

Back Length 9" - 12"
Girth            26"- 30"

MD / LG includes 2 COOL PAX

Back Length 12" - 18"
Girth             30" - 36"

LG / XL includes 3 COOL PAX

Back Length 18" -24"
Girth             32" - 38"

1.When activated our PCM inserts will remain at 58F for up to three hours.

2.They are activated by placing them in a fridge, freezer, or ice water for approximately 30 minutes.

3.PCM is 25% lighter than water.

4.It is also Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, and Non-Flammable

5.The PCM inserts can be washed with a cloth, and the garments per normal washing instructions for cotton or poly/cotton.
Removeable inserts for easy washing.
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TechKewl TM products use an improved variant of a freezer pack that freeze at 58°F
    Opposed to the normal 32°F for water, thus eliminating the harmful temperature shock to your body.

Our Phase Change Material (PCM) packs are held next to your body and cool you at a consistent, comfortable level.

These products will help keep you feeling refreshed and help prevent heat related injury when used properly.

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