Dog's Nite Out carries the best pet supplies for your dog. Introducing HyperKewl Dog Cooling Vest. This dog cooling vest helps keep your dog cool and helps prevent dog overheating and dog heat exhaustion No longer will you ever have a overheating working dog. Help your dog stay cool with HyperKewl! keep dog cool, sun protection for dogs, dog cooling coat cooling dog vest, dog cooling coats, dog cool coat, working dog, canine, k-9, police dog, nypd police k-9 transit unit, new york city police k9 unit
HyperKewl Dog Cooling Vest 

HyperKewlTM cooling products provide cooling through the process of evaporation. The cooling effects of our products are superb in hot, dry climates. Our patented HyperKewlTM evaporative cooling products last for extended periods of time and can be easily re-soaked on the go.

* Made to order*

  1. HyperKewlTM fabric contains safe, water absorbing, non-toxic polymer strands.
  2. A HyperKewlTM standard sport vest requires 1-2 minutes of soaking time and will weigh approximately 1.5lbs when soaked.
  3. HyperKewlTM garments should be washed with gentle soap and a brush then hung to dry to maintain the longest life.
  4. Provides 5-10 Hours of Cooling Relief per soaking
    Extremely lightweight and durable
  5. Water Repellent Nylon Liner


HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat Size Chart


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