Dog's Nite Out carries the hardest to find dog specialty products on the market. Introducing the Dockdogs Bungee Leash. This bungee dog lead greatly ease stress tension and stress is greatly reduced on your neck and shoulders and arms from walking dog s that may have a tendency to pull or jump Buy a Dockdogs Dog Leash now at Dog's Nite Out Official Dockdogs Gear, dock dogs offical gear, bungee cord dog leash

Our Shock Absorbing Freestyle Series Bungee Leash feature Level 5 hydrogen bonded mega core Mighty Max Rubber™ and help significantly reduce muscle stress on you and your dog when walking.

Unparalleled strength and functionality and are perfect for dogs that may tend to pull or jump.

              Product Tested

500kg Max Breaking Point Medium
1500kg Max Breaking Point Medium
Mighty Max Rubber Inside

They serve as a "heal" or a "Bungee Leash" also add additional leads to make a coupler!

Length - 43" (109 cm)

2 Sizes -
Medium - For all dogs up to 150 lbs.(68 kg)
Large – For all dogs up to 250 lbs. (114 kg)

3 colors (Black, Green, and Blue)

Weather & Water Resistant & made with environmentally sustainable materials.

Camouflage is on handle only & made with printed little dockdogs to give it the camouflage look! The handle is also designed with soft cushioned neoprene over heavyduty wired handle for comfort! 

Dockdogs Black Leash
Dockdogs 2 in 1 Freestyle Bungee Dog Leash

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