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7 Different Colors
Tangle Free!

• Great in all water and sand

• A safer alternative to a retractable leash

• Very Durable!

• Perfect for the beach, lake, pool or jogging!

• Shock absorbing, doesn't yank on dogs neck

• Perfect for a stroller and or wheelchair!

• Comfortable handle for dog walking

• Double brass swivels prevent coil tangles

• Made in the U.S.A.!

Featuring Coil Retract Technolgy

Using the same technology as a surf leash this allows the leash to stay tight until their is actual pull or tug. The leash will expand up to 6 feet and retract as needed!

Perfect leash for an active dog and inspired and made from a surf company with real professional athletes using the same leashes for surfing!

Bully's Tangle Free Dog Coil Leashes are perfect for the active mom and pet owner as our leash carries no extra slack therefore never hits the ground and stays tight and away from any wheels of strollers or wheelchairs, for those that use guide dogs!

Perfect gift for any pet owner!

Available in 2 sizes Large and Small both expand  6 feet
Small for dogs up to 25 lbs / Large for dogs over 25 lbs

Comes in Black, Lime, Pink, Blue, Yellow, White, Red

Goes perfect with our matching Bully's Dog Collar

Bully's Coil Dog Leash

Bully's Dog Collar

Wysong Hypo-Allergenic Dog Food

Pet ID Tags

7 Different Colors